After having a small exhibition part of a marketsale / christmas market in 2019, my work started gaining more interest.I slowly decided I wanted to organize my own independent photo-exhibition where I could showcase my work and message behind my work.

The message is: “Even though everyone’s perception on things are different, the world is open for everyone to explore freely. Whether it being through photography, videography, music, culture, architecture or any form of art. And it is exactly that, that inspires thorcaes. To document the different cultures, sub-cultures and ways of thinking. Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Around september 2020, my girlfriend and I were driving back home from work. But, we were driving slower than usual.While driving, we saw an interesting logo and a place that was lit up a little bit on a mountain we passed by daily.The logo and lights gained our interest so we went to have a look. We ended up spending a few hours, realising how beautiful the place actually is and talking to the owners.I told them about my photography and they were very interested. Eventually we decided to work on something together and that’s where the photo-exhibition started.

Very thankful for the owners of Space (肆喜) in Guiyang to have given me this opportunity.

Even though I was very excited to finally realise this opportunity. It was very stressful as well.Because not only did I organise a photo-exhibition, I also organised a seminar about my products and some basics of photography.During organising the exhibition, I was also working full-time and working on a few other projects. (One of them being new lines of clothing/merchandise that will be released on the website early next year.)

Since it would be my first time holding a seminar in another language than Dutch or English, I was very nervous.In the end, it was an amazing experience and we’re definitely looking forward to working together again in the near future.

For now, I’d like to share at least the series of photos I’ve presented during the exhibition. So that especially for the people who couldn’t be there, you can still be there. And for the people who could be there, you can relive it.
It’s the first time I’ve made a tour like this, so I hope you enjoy the tour.